Adjunct researchers

An adjunct researcher is A person who is appointed to contribute their professional standing and specialist expertise to the teaching and/or research activities of a particular department or research Centre in the University.
  1. Eligibility for research-only adjunct appointments, to be eligible for an appointment as an Adjunct Senior Research Associate, a person must be a professional.
  2. The proposed appointee must be such that they will make a significant contribution to the research activities of a particular unit or research Centre in the skyline university college.
  3. Teaching or research adjunct appointees are expected to participate in the research and/or related activities,

General Rules add conditions
  1. Persons to be considered for designation as adjunct professors or researchers shall be appropriate professional personnel assigned to agencies attached to the University. The professional qualifications of the candidate for designation shall be more than the qualifications expected of a faculty member.
  2. Where the service is to be performed shall initiate and substantiate the proposal of a candidate for adjunct professor. The proposal and the supporting documents will be sent to the human resources in the college where the service is performed. After due consideration and investigation, the human resources shall forward the proposal with the candidate's curriculum vitae CV, a copy of official certificates, with its recommendation, to the vice-chancellor, or designee, for action.
  3. The designation of the individuals with the title of the adjunct researcher is by the action of the vice-chancellor, or designee, on the recommendation of the department and head of research and innovations, then the RSAC selected members. Such designation carries emolument based on the conditions from skyline university college and the adjunct researcher, though such persons may be given library privileges and access to such facilities as are appropriate. For the protection of both parties, an adjunct researcher Appointment Form will be filed annually. and it possible to support the adjunct researcher as a visitor for one month to skyline university
  4. The Adjunct researcher shall be appointed for a term of one year and can be reviewed after acceptance from the vice-chancellor. such recommendation is based on the assumption that the candidate remains in the same relationship with the University and provides the same service as when first appointed.
  5. Human resources, in making recommendations, and the administration, in making appointments, are to consider any impacts on on-campus resources. The Office of human resources will provide an annual list to college deans in the fall listing adjunct faculty whose appointments will expire during the academic year.
  6. Attribute their academic publications to the University following the requirements of the University’s Research Outputs and Authorship Policy and Procedures.
  7. The adjunct researcher should include the standard affiliation of a skyline university college in his publication or patent

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