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Adjunct Researchers


An Adjunct Researcher (AR) is a person appointed to contribute their professional standing and specialist expertise to the teaching and/or research activities of a particular School at SUC. In order to be classified as an adjunct researcher, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. AR must have an outstanding academic record.
  2. AR has necessary Skills and Competence to significantly contribute in research activities of the desired discipline.


Recruitment Guidelines for Adjunct Researcher

  1. The candidate qualified as AR shall also be qualified and affiliated with other academic institutions.
  2. The professional qualifications of the candidate for position shall be evaluated based on academic experience and the number of citations and publications in Scopus indexed journals.
  3. The appointment of a candidate for an adjunct researcher is supported through a proposal and other relevant documents such as CV, academic certificates, and research accomplishments. These are submitted to the Human Resources Department for further process and for final approval of the VC.
  4. The appointment entitles the individual to an emolument based on terms and conditions of SUC, and is agreed at the time of appointment. The AR is supported as a visitor to SUC campus, and will have an access to all Learning Resources and Electronic Databases.
  5. The AR is appointed for a term of one year, but the term can be extended by the Vice Chancellor, based on the recommendation of Deans, HRI. The contract must include the minimum number of patents and publications (Scopus Q1, Q2) that the Adjunct Researcher is supposed to produce in a year
  6. The impact of appointment of AR is analyzed by the Head of Research of Innovation at the end of every academic year. An annual list of adjunct researchers in an academic year with the details of their contract expiry dates is submitted to respective Deans by the Human Resource Department.
  7. The AR accredits their academic publications to the SUC.
  8. The AR should accredit their standard affiliation, and academic publications to the SUC.
  9. The total budget for research projects through adjunct researchers should not exceed AED 200,000.00 within the research period of 1st July to 30th June.
  10. The contract should include the specifications of the research process support such as monthly salary of researcher, and fees for programmers, language editing, publication, and other equipment. The contract conditions must be approved by the HRI and VC before the appointment.
  11. The Contract may also include special conditions based on the position and experience of the Adjunct researcher.