ACCA Past Papers

The ACCA papers are precious revision resource. It gives you an idea about the exam.
Through these, you can have ideas about the past questions. You can familiarize yourself with the style and get ideas on what areas to focus on. You can also look at the sample answers so you get an idea what an ideal answer should be. This will also help you relax a bit during the exam knowing that you’re well-prepared.
You can access the ACCA questions and answers on the ACCA Global website. Take note, however, that the answers are created by the examiners so they are comprehensive. Also, some technical updates may not get reflected.
At SUC, our mentors are experienced and can guide you well. They can give you tips on how to create an answer that will enable you to get full marks on the exam.
SUC ensures that its teaching materials and learning manuals are updated to the latest ACCA guidelines.
Our ACCA Revision Course will give you access the ACCA Examination question bank and dedicated support from our mentors.
For more information, you can reach us through this number:
Toll free number 8000 3570 3172 (within UAE)
Phone: +44 (0) 141 582 2000 (outside UAE)

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