ACCA Exam Tips

Don’t let the efforts you’ve put in throughout your course go to waste.  Ace your ACCA Exam with the tips we’ve put together.

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  • Study weeks or even months before the exam date; don’t procrastinate now and cram for your examination later.
  • Familiarize yourself with the exam structure and regulations so you’ll be unfazed during the big day.
  • Make sure you are well-prepared by taking a revision course and review the questions from the previous year.
  • Set an achievable daily target when studying and focus on the key points, concepts, and models.
  • Give more attention to recommended topics.
  • Review the ACCA Examiner Reports and Examiner Analysis Interviews on the ACCA website.
  • Pay a visit to the examination center several days before the exam so you won’t have a difficult time locating it during the exam day.
  • Get enough sleep a night before the exam so you’ll get a clear mind in the morning.
  • Calm your nerves and just do your best!


  • Spend 15 minutes or less to browse through the questions.
  • Divide the time you will spend on the questions equally. Try to answer a question with that allotted time and proceed to the next one if you can’t answer it. Just come back to that part later.
  • Make sure you understand the question thoroughly before writing down your answer.
  • Prioritize answering the questions that you know the answer of.
  • Write down the key points for the questions you can’t answer. You might earn an extra point if the examiner knows you understand the concept.
  • Focus on the main points and give importance to the quality of your answers, not quantity.
  • Keep your answer straightforward, but make sure it is organized and well-structured.
  • Leave space after each answer so you can still add information in case you remember something.


  • Review the answers and improve on them if there is still enough time left.
  • Get some rest and make the necessary preparations if you have another exam coming.


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