Skyline University College undergraduate program leading to the award of Bachelor of Science degree is equipped to meet the needs of dynamic information technology environments. The program focuses on providing graduates with competencies and skills required to design, build, test and apply information technology solutions for organizations.


Around the globe, organizations are increasingly becoming more connected, both internally and with other stakeholders like suppliers, customers and government authorities. Information Technology is playing a critical part for achieving excellence; develop product and service mix, enhancing decision making, and achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the organization at the global level.

At the national level, UAE’s 2021 Vision aims at developing knowledge based and highly productive economy through innovation and research in science & technology. The UAE is investing heavily in adopting and implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in its government and private sectors. As per the UAE government initiatives like smart governance, m-governance, open innovation, open data infrastructure, drives ICT sector growth in UAE. The increase in both scale and sophistication of the UAE ICT sector has drawn many international IT organizations to locate their office and development center in UAE.

This requires trained man power to meet the requirement of business organizations for implementing IT initiatives at the global and national level.


At the end of the program student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate communication, mathematical, critical enquiry, logical thinking, and analytical skills in designing appropriate information system and problem solving
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of various concepts of Information technology and its applications.
  3. Evaluate security and ethical issues in the context of information technology.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams and lead information technology projects.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and develop solutions for complex and unstructured IT problems


The curriculum provides the student with General Education, core study in information technology and a major field of study (major requirements).

All students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Program must complete the following requirements:

  No. of Credits No. of Courses
General Education 36 13
Core Courses 60 20
Internship 3 1
Major (Enterprise computing) 21 7
Total 120 41

 *Note: General Study Skill is a 2 credit course and Community Service is a 1 credit course.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Enterprise Computing
Any organization that needs technology management and support requires people who have an in-depth knowledge on information technology. The BS IT program at SUC will equip you and enhance your skills to innovate, create, and transform the future of technology for the next generation to come.

Possible Careers:
Systems Analysts
Technical Support
Network Engineers
Web Developers
Mobile Developers
IT Managers for Financial Companies
IT Audit and Control Managers


SUC follows a non-discriminatory policy to admit all such students who have completed the General Secondary School Certificate of UAE or its equivalent as per International Grade Conversions published by World Education Services Inc. (, subject to availability of seats. The admissions are carried out in accordance to the admission policies and procedures of MOE, UAE and the number of seats approved by the Executive Council as per the strategic plan.


An applicant seeking admission for BSIT program is required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • High School Grade

    • Prospective student should have 60% marks in the secondary school of UAE or its equivalent as per the International Grade Conversions published by World Education Services Inc. ( Student having any equivalent qualification from an institution in UAE must get the documents attested by the Ministry of Education and Youth. For qualifications obtained from abroad, attestation is required from the relevant authorities of that country.
    • Seven subjects of IGCSE/GCSE/GCE (O-Level) with grade ‘C’ or above (AS-Level) with grade ‘D’ or above (A-Level) with grade ‘E’ or above. All documents require attestation from the competent authorities.
      1. Same subject taken at 2 or more levels can be counted as two different Subjects.
      2. Subjects taken out of School in the 12th Year shall be accepted provided they are attested by The British Council. 
      3. Combination with UAE-SS Grade12; OR Combination with American Diploma in Grade 12 is NOT permitted.
    • American Diploma after 12 years of schooling is permitted. However the certificate should be attested by relevant authority like MOE / KHDA / ADEC and the candidate must fulfill SAT requirements.
      Note: SUC accepts students with American diploma as per the MOE guidelines with anyone of the category mentioned below
      1. IB Diploma: Requirements include 6 subjects; with minimum 24 points and must have minimum of 2 High Level subjects in addition to Normal Level ones.
      2. IB Certificate
        • SUC to accept IB certificate requires a minimum grade of 22 points
        • IB certificates are considered as American Diploma and are equalized by Ministry of Education.
        • Should require SAT (400 Math & 500 TOEFL)
      3. IB Career: IB Career is considered as Vocational (Technical School) Normally require higher number of points (26-28)
        • Other SS Qualifications (inside UAE):
          Students from the Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Philippine, French or German high school curriculum require 12 years of schooling and attestation from MOE/ KHDA/ ADEC.
        • Secondary School Qualifications Obtained Outside UAE:
          1. Must meet the requirements for admission into university in the country of origin
          2. With Min 11 years of schooling
          3. Attestation: Education Authority (Home Country) ; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Home Country) ; UAE Embassy+ Evidence of completion of Secondary School Stage
        • f. Students holding National Secondary School Certificates from UAE Board with score of less than 60% should submit Foundation Program completion certificate from an institution approved by MOE. It is not applied for High School Certificate holders of other systems of education. On passing the Foundation Program, the student’s Certificate will be recognized and attested by the MOE. This may be used for progression to Higher Education within the institution offering the Foundation Program, or for entry to other Higher Education institutions, provided the student meets the admission requirements set for specific programs at that institution.
  • English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS/PEARSON-Academic, Cambridge English: Advanced Test/ City & Guilds-IESOL)

    Prospective BSIT student is required to fulfill any one of the following requirements for admission to BSIT program as given below
    1. A minimum score of 500 out of 677 on Institutional Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a minimum score of 61 out of 120 on the Internet Based Test (IBT) of TOEFL or a minimum score of 173 on the Computer based TOEFL (certificates will be accepted upon verification by the ETS)
    2. A minimum score of 5.0 on International English Language Testing System (IELTS - Academic)
    3. A minimum score of 36-46 in the Pearson Test of English.
    4. A minimum score of 41-46 in Cambridge English: Advanced Test of English Language.
    5. A minimum score of B1 in City & Guilds IESOL / SESOL Test.
    6. A minimum score of 1100 in EmSAT Achieve English (Emirates Standardized Test)
  • Note:
    1. Qualifying English Proficiency Test is mandatory for all including native speakers
    2. Institutional TOEFL / IELTS Score only from recognized testing centers or AMIDEAST is ACCEPTABLE. The TOEFL (IBT) certificates will be accepted upon verification by the ETS and for IELTS verification will be done from IETLTS website.
    3. Institutional TOEFL score can be transferred from any other Ministry of Higher Education approved universities in UAE or at various AMIDEAST approved testing venues across MOE-licensed institutions in the UAE
    4. Requirements are applied regardless of educational system or country where student is coming from.
  • Mathematical Ability Test

    SUC conducts a mathematical ability test in which an applicant is required to score a minimum of 60% passing score for placement into the BSIT program. Following are the exceptions for taking the SUC Mathematical Ability Test:
    • Students with a minimum SAT score of 500
    • Student holding diploma or transfer of credit from an accredited institution by MOE and having a grade “C” or above in a Mathematics related course.
    • Students with a minimum EmSAT Math score of 1100.



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