​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​LIBRARY DEPARTMENT                                ​​​​​​​


The SUC Library was established in 1990. The Library caters to all the students, faculty and staff of SUC to pursue higher studies and research in accomplishing their degrees as well as the local community. The Library provides conducive learning environment in teaching and research programs of SUC by acquiring and making available all learning resources. The sole objective is to serve the right information to the right user at the right time.

SUC Library strives to enhance the personal growth of students and contribute to the development and sustainability of students, faculty and other members through free access to ideas, information, educational and scientific research, cultural experiences and educational opportunities.


  1. To plan, develop, procure and maintain adequate library resources for smooth operation as per SUC's strategic plan.

  2. To provide a learning environment conducive to academic needs along with regular updating of learning resources.

  3. To orient the students, faculty and staff with regards to the usage of library resources and use of new technology in Library.

  4. To disseminate relevant and updated information to faculty, students and staff.

  5. To provide users with prompt offline and online services.

  6. To conduct regular LRDC activities, maintain records and report.


Library is providing the following services to the users:

i. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

ii. Internet/CD ROM Search Assistance

iii. Online Resource Services (EBSCO, ProQuest (ABI/INFORM)  Ebrary)

iv. News clipping Service

v. Reference/Referral Service

vi. Current Awareness Service (CAS)

vii. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

viii. Query Based Service (QBS)

ix. Table of Content


The Library is open with all facilities and services for the students from 9.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M on all workings days and also on Fridays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturdays from 9.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M.  Library will remain closed on public & Government holidays.


The Library also subscribes to several newspapers and has a special service of newspaper clipping in which important news related to the subject areas is clipped and is maintained for future reference. This is done by the Library staff with the help of faculty from different subject field on daily basis. (List of newspaper is given in the appendix)


The Library offers Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) and Current Awareness Service (CAS) through news update, library information service, mails, seminars, orientation and through reference desk.


SUC has an agreement of inter library loan facility with the University of Dubai (UOD). The services of UOD can be availed both by the students and the faculty for the purpose of references, borrow books and also use the online resources. The members of SUC who wish to avail this facility shall make a formal request to the Head Librarian of SUC with specific requests of the required material. The Head Librarian of SUC makes necessary arrangements and makes the material available to facilitate the faculty or student within two working days. The details of the website (http://www.ud.ac.ae/library) will be displayed on the library notice board for the references.  SUC library also extends facility to enable students and faculty to visit the Sharjah University Library & Sharjah Public Library by showing their SUC Identity card.


There are six rooms for students' discussion and one big room for the faculty members. The rules and regulations are as follows:

i. The rooms for students have to be reserved in advance. The group which wants to use the rooms for discussion should give their names and the time for use at least one day before the requirement.

ii. The rooms are for studies and group discussions purpose only.

iii. If the group wants to use the bigger room for discussion they need a written permission from the faculty members

iv. The faculty members can use the rooms at their leisure


SUC has a presentation room for the students which can be availed by following this procedure

i. The students have to reserve the presentation room in advance.

ii. The students may be permitted to use their laptops or use the system.

iii. While making the presentation or discussions, the group must maintain proper decorum of the library and maintain less disturbance for others.

iv. The faculty members can use the rooms at their leisure.


The Library is equipped with 25 computer terminals with internet access. Students can access online databases subscribed by the library here. This database gives access to more than 16000 e-books & 5000 e-journals.


An orientation will be given to all the Freshmen of BBA & MBA at the beginning of the semester.  The Administration department will advise the date and time for the orientation.  The orientation will include General information of the Library, rules and regulations, library infrastructure, circulation procedure, services offered, usage of E-RESOURCES etc. A special orientation and training will be given to MBA students on usage of E-BOOKS on VitalSource platform.

All the new Faculty & staff members will be given an orientation as per the schedule arranged by the HRD.  The orientation will include General information of the Library, rules and regulations, library infrastructure, circulation procedure, services offered, usage of E-resources etc.

The Library staff will display new arrivals on the Plasma TV at a regular interval for the benefit of the user community.  The notice boards will be regularly updated with current information relevant to subjects taught in SUC as well as General information.

SUC library leaflet is available in the Library with all the relevant and important information about the Library.  The purpose of the leaflet is to give an idea about SUC library to the visitors an guests.

Library will regularly update the Faculty, staff & Students with the updated Resources of the Library through E-MAILS.  Beside the resources list the library will also update its patrons with events and activities of the Library, Book reviews, Good reading quotes etc.


    Silence should be maintained in the Library.

    Spitting, smoking and other offensive or objectionable practices are strictly prohibited.

    Cell phones should be switched off or kept in the silent mode with in Library premises.

    Student ID Cards should be shown at entrance & also on demand whenever there is a Check.

    Student ID cards/borrower cards are not transferable. Books are issued against borrower cards only on production of their own Student ID card.

    On completion of course No dues Certificate will be issued only on submitting all the materials borrowed from the library.

    Overdue charges will be collected if book is not returned by due date.

    If book is lost borrower is responsible to replace the book or pay latest market price. If title is out of print price will be charged as per Library norms.

    No eatables are allowed in the Library.
    Violations of Library rules can lead to hefty fines / debarred from Library.

    Playing games, downloading games, software, music /video files is strictly prohibited in the electronic library area.

    Library computers are meant for library search only and students are allowed to work on their assignments also.


The students cannot checkout any audio visual materials from the Library. They can use the Audio Visual materials like CDs, DVD, Cassettes materials in the Library with the permission of their respective faculty. Students may use audio-visual materials in the electronic library area of the Library. Materials must be returned to the circulation desk during library hours after use.​


    i. Membership Fees

    The Library fees for SUC student is included in the annual fees as per the institution policies. The CTH Students will pay a security deposit of AED 1000/= and the CPD Students will pay AED 500/= as a security deposit which will be refunded at the end of the course.

    The alumni and outside annual membership charges are AED 250/= with a security deposit of AED 500/= and it has to be renewed each year.

    Collection of core text books from library is the responsibility of the student and no refund of utilization fee will be made.

    ii. Membership Forms

    Alumni Membership forms are available in the portal and print copies in the library as well.



    The Library charges fine of AED 1/= day for overdue books from the students.

    Issued documents and other items are renewable, provided there is no demand for the material by other members. Two renewals are allowed for any issued material.

    The cases of penalty for any damage or lost of any item will be referred to the Head-Librarian for action. The actions range from hefty fines to debarring from Library for a semester.


    All those who leave the organization must return, replace or pay for all outstanding print and non-print materials that they have not returned to the Library. SUC Library will issue the clearance certificate to any faculty member only after he/she returns the borrowed materials from the Library.​

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